Meen pollichathu

Meen pollichathu

Chef Saneesh of Trident, Chennai shows us how to prepare meen pollichathu with the following ingredients:

Fish fillet - 720gms

Shallots chopped - 600gms

Red chilli powder - 20gms

Turmeric powder - 6gms

Coriander powder - 20gms

Salt - 20gms

Garlic - 40gms

Ginger - 50gms

Green chilli - 20gms

Curry leaves - 10gms

Tomato - 100gms

Kokum (fishtamarind) - 40gms

Banana leaf - 4nos

Fenugreek seeds - 2gms

Mustard Seeds - 5gms

Coconut oil - 140ml

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